Copper, bronze and brass coils
TG GRISET - To provide innovative solutions for copper and copper alloy laminates and to be a partner in your success.

For over 260 years, our aim has been to provide innovative products and processes in order to contribute to the success of all our customers around the world. Thanks to the collaborative work of all players from operators to managers to directors, each with expertise in his own field, TG GRISET offers competitive products that are best adapted to the technical challenges that our customers are faced with.

The success of TG GRISET’s production of copper and copper alloys are also due to its engineering services that orchestrate the construction, master the assembly of and organise the successful launch of multiple laminating equipment (rolling mills, cleaning lines, annealing lines…) around the world.

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Antoine GRISET
263 years of innovation enrich your and our present.

GRISET is one of the oldest family owned businesses in the world today (over 260 years and spanning 8 generations). Antoine Griset started the first precious metals foundry workshop in the “Marais” district of Paris in 1760. By the end of the 18th Century, his son Antoine Alexandre put in place the first rolling mills, which were powered either by man or horse.

- In the beginning of the 19th century, GRISET rolled the platinum bar which was used for the production of the "Standard Meter".

- In the middle of the 19th century, GRISET had at its disposal the 17 rollers powered by a 40 HPA steam engine.

- GRISET received the gold medal at the Universal Show (World Fair) in 1878.

- At the end of the 19th century, GRISET became the first to roll aluminium.

- At the start of the 20th century, GRISET began to diversify by making metal rivets.

- By the mid 1900’s, GRISET created GRISET Engineering, a unit that develops, builds, installs and commissions rollers, cutters, furnaces, … on a world wide basis.

Rolling mills poweded by human

In 1985, GRISET developed a new method of producing a double gauge sheet through plated stamped/rolling, for the electronic market.

In 1997, the German group DIEHL acquired GRISET.

In 2012, BAVARIA Industriekapital AG became the sole shareholder and partner of GRISET.

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In 2014, To strengthen its strategic position, GRISET SAS created with TNMG, first China’s producer of copper, a joint venture, TGTEM, for the production of double-gauge strips for the Chinese market of power transistors.

Located in TONGLING (Province of ANHUI, west of Shanghai), TGTEM (TONGLING GRISET TONGGUAN ELECTRONIC MATERIALS Co. LTD) intends to develop a close collaborative partnership with Asian customers by offering this electronic market, experience, flexibility, quality and competitiveness.

In 2016, GRISET is taken over by the Chinese group TNMG (TONGLING NONFERROUS METAL GROUP) and becomes TG GRISET. With more than 1 million tons of copper, this mining group producer and transformer of copper is a major global actor.

Products of the group
Well-know technical expertise.

TG GRISET's copper laminates are not just simple metallic materials. The TG GRISET processes confer properties to the laminates that make them versatile for everyday applications. For over 260 years TG GRISET has used rigorous, infallible and innovative approaches in the elaboration and industrial transformation of copper products. this ensures the highest quality products that are best adapted for the needs of high tech markets.


The installations of TG GRISET SAS, which respect the environment, offer the possibility of recycling the copper and copper alloy scraps thereby preserving natural resources and contributing to a better and safer environment for future generations.

TG GRISET's expertise together with a highly motivated team contributes to the success of our customers manufacturing by ensuring the best selection of products, outstanding service, superior and consistent quality, while meeting the highest technical standards.

Quality as a motor of continuous improvement.

With an experience of more than 2 centuries, TG GRISET has continually developed seamlessly integrated processes using patented equipment. TG GRISET is today the European leader and is second in the world in the production of double gauge (double sided copper rolls) for use by the electronic industry. A large portfolio of alloys, offering a large array of physical and mechanical properties provides a wide spectrum of choice and ensures specific and economical solutions to our customers’ needs.

Manufacturing Bronzes and Chrysocales - horizontal continuous casting.
Horizontal continuous casting - Milling - Surface cold rolling - Homogenous heat treatment Result of homogenous heat treatment
Complete transformation process - roughing workshop.
Cold rolling 2 High / 4 High - Heat Treatment - Cold rolling 4 High - Annealing / Pickling line
Complete transformation process - finishing workshop.
Dégraissage - Planage - Refendage
Double gauge using hammering method.
Estampage, recuit, nettoyage et laminage en ligne de produit double épaisseur
Double gauge by high speed milling.
Fraisage avec outil diamant de produit double épaisseur