Copper, bronze and brass coils
Technical expertise to the development of new materials.

With technology changing constantly, the needs of increasing complex materials is challenging the traditional metallurgy industry with sometimes impossible requests due to inconsistent or contradictory physicochemical properties to reconcile. So which material or alloy can meet both :

- good heat conductivity,

- have a controlled linear expansion,

- be ductile to be manufactured in coil,

- allow stamping and bending,

- accept electrolytic coatings.

Having met this challenge, TG GRISET patented in 2013, a new architected composite material named Logo iTBC (Innovative Thermal Bridge Composite) thus obtaining the best compromise between thermal conductivity and CTE, while meeting other criteria.

This composite thus can effectively meet the needs of new chips such as: IGBT, SiC or GaN.

The development of this architected composite material has been developed with ARMINES (Ecole des Mines de Paris) and the LNE (French National Testing Laboratory) as part of a collaborative project certified by the cluster Mov'eo and driven by Valeo.

RENAULT, SCHNEIDER and LABINAL chose TG GRISET Logo iTBC as a substrate for GaN chips for their power electronics developments.

Graphic iTBC