Copper, bronze and brass coils
Well-know technical expertise.

TG GRISET lends its expertise through a highly qualified and motivated team, by working together with the client to achieve the easiest and most economical solutions that facilitate the manufacturing of and ensures the optimal quality of their parts.

TG GRISET tailors each copper and copper alloy roll to meet the new high tech market demands, contributing to the increasing performance of innovations in the electronic, automobile, aerospace, electro technical industries,...

Product lines
Product properties are essential, metal is only a means to the end !

TG GRISET doesn't just manufacture copper alloy products, the company produces complex copper alloy pieces with the desired physical, mechanical, dimensional and geometric properties, while ensuring their long term efficacy and use.

TG Griset Name ASTM N°UNS Reference European Reference Electrical Conductivity %IACS Density kg/dm³ Technical Sheet
Cu DHPC12200Cu-DHPCW024A≥ 80%8.90
Cu DLPC12000Cu-DLPCW023A≥ 90%8.90
Cu PHCC10300Cu-PHCCW020A≥ 100%8.90
Cu OFC10200Cu-OFCW008A≥ 100%8.90
Cu OFEC10100≥ 101%8.90
CUNI≥ 80%8.90
FPGC19210≥ 85%8.90
CuSn 0,15C14415CuSn0,15CW117C≥ 85%8.90
CuFe2PC19400CuFe2PCW107C≥ 60%8.78
Cu ETPC11000Cu-ETPCW004A≥ 100%8.90

TG Griset Name ASTM N°UNS Reference European Reference Electrical Conductivity %IACS Density kg/dm³ Technical Sheet
CuZn10C22000CuZn10CW501L≥ 44%8.80
CuZn37C27400CuZn37CW508L≥ 26%8.45
CuZn36C27200CuZn36CW507L≥ 26%8.45
CuZn33C26800CuZn33CW506L≥ 27%8.50
CuZn30C26000CuZn30CW505L≥ 28%8.55
CuZn15C23000CuZn15CW502L≥ 37%8.75

TG Griset Name ASTM N°UNS Reference European Reference Electrical Conductivity %IACS Density kg/dm³ Technical Sheet
G4C51100CuSn4CW450K≥ 20%8.85
G5C51000CuSn5CW451K≥ 17%8.85
G6C51900CuSn6CW452K≥ 16%8.80
G9C52100CuSn9CW453K≥ 13%8.80
CHRC42500CuSn3Zn9CW454K≥ 24%8.80
Processes and alloys that defy the laws of metallurgy !

TG GRISET uses its own patented equipment and is today a European leader and second in the world for producing double-layering for electronic power components.

High temperature stability, durability and conductivity are essential properties of copper alloys in this range of products.

Double thickness products
Rolled products dual gauge Possible Section General Tolerances Special Tolerances
Hammering process
Dimensions of double-thickness rolled products T4 mm± 0.015± 0.008
t0.3 mm± 0.013± 0.008
W180 mm± 0.015± 0.008
w10 mm± 0.015± 0.008
R< 0.20< 0.10
θ< 10°< 5°
Width Groove≥ 0.4 mm± 0.05± 0.05
Deep Groove≥ 0.5 mm± 0.05± 0.05
Ø inside400 mm
Ø outside1500 mm
Coil weight max1000 kg
Milling process
Dimensions milled double thickness products T2 mm± 0.010± 0.008
t0.2 mm± 0.010± 0.006
W180 mm± 0.020± 0.05
w38 mm± 0.05± 0.010
R< 0.20< 0.05
θ< 10°< 3°
Width Groove≥ 0.4 mm± 0.05± 0.02
Deep Groove≥ 0.5 mm± 0.05± 0.02
Ø inside400 mm
Ø outside1500 mm
Coil weight max1500 kg
We will tailor our products to your specific needs and requirements.

We can offer you, according to your needs, our electroplated strips. This cost-efficient process enables multiple combinations on either flat or double-gauge strips :

- Tin plate finish: matt, brite, reflow, total or selective with or without a under-layer. A under-layer of copper or nickel, even a thin coat is the only real protection against Whisker effects.

- Nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, total or selective.

- Nickel phosphorus plating (low sulphur) for electronic applications.

Coated products
Tin thickness (μm thin) Types of coating improve (+) or decrease (-)
Matt Brite Reflow
e < 1NA(+) Appearance(+) Appearance
0.8 < e < 1.2NA(+) Appearance(-) Friction resistance
0.5 < e < 2.5(+) Appearance(+) Solderability(+) Solderability
(-) Contact resistance
2 < e < 4(-) Contact resistance(+) Solderability
(+) Corrosion resistance
(+) Solderability
(-) Contact resistance
3 < e < 6(-) Contact resistance(+) Solderability
(+) Corrosion resistance
5 < e(-) Contact resistance
(+) Corrosion resistance
(+) Solderability
(+) Corrosion resistance
Power electronics.

In 2011 and 2012, TG GRISET received the medal for the “Best Supplier” from the world’s largest “In-line Cutters” of power transistor lead frame, a most demanding market :

- It is imperative that the substrate material of electronic power chips diffuse heat, therefore it is necessary to use materials of high conductivity.

- The mechanical strain on connections necessitates the use of very hard materials.

- The assembly of the chips (die attach and bonding) on the substrate requires an exceptional surface and coating of NiP or Ag (total or selective).

- Packaging of the components requires the conservation, at high temperatures, of hard material hardness, as well as a high dimensional precision /accuracy.

- The mass production requires substantial lengths of roll (up to 1400mm outside diameter).

Power electronics

Electrotechnology is the art of passing an electrical current between two surfaces that are in contact with each other: interrupters, relays, sockets, switches, terminals, etc. are the most prominent everyday examples.

Each case is unique depending on the surface, the contact pressure and of course the passing/active currents.

The wide range of alloys offered by TG GRISET, from the more traditional (brasses) to more sophisticated metallurgy alloys (alloys with structural hardening), is a source of infinite variety of physical properties, mechanical, dimensional, … ensuring the best solution to customer needs.

The Connector.

Automotive, computer, household appliances, electronic devices are big consumers of connectors … As in electrotechnology, applications of this market require, on top of the above mentioned properties, specific metallurgical properties :

- To avoid the premature wear of the speed cutting tools, TG GRISET controls the abrasiveness of the products that are delivered.

- Because of the need to severely bend the products, TG GRISET produces very fine grains.

- To reduce the need to adjust the tool settings, set for the complexity and geometric precision of the parts to be produced, TG GRISET’s processes avoid the stress of strips used by its customers.

- Because the parts are generally produced in very large numbers, TG GRISET offers very long strips.

- To best streamline the manufacturing needs of our customers, TG GRISET suggests profile strips that are either completely or selectively coated.

The Connector